About the Artists


Layne Wilson Photography is a collaboration between Jennifer Hardin and Daniel Maddox. While we often take photographs and create finished pieces together, each of us has a very unique perspective. The result is often distinctive yet complementary works. We feel that our two perspectives together come closer to capturing the full spirit of the places we visit.

Fleur de lis


Jennifer’s Perspective

I use photography as a means to highlight the world around us. I make pictures that call attention to things that other people could possibly overlook. My goal is to make photographs that draw others into my point of view. A focus on details keeps us in the calm of the present. The images I enjoy are often inspired by textures, including fabric, wood, and metal. I also finish many pieces with found objects that ground my work in a natural state.

Daniel’s Perspective

My photographs are about capturing the adventure that inspires them. Behind each photograph is a story, a story of what lead to me being in just the right place, at the right time, to find a picture that speaks what words cannot. I hope to convey the experience that inspired the work – it might be a multi-day hike, a walk in the city, or a night on the town. My best photographs capture a part of that experience and pass on the wonder I feel when taking them.  I most enjoy creating panoramas and large scale photographs that capture the majesty of the natural world. 

Louisville, Ky · info@laynewilson.com · 502-649-0897